Review: ‘The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth’ by Kabam


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  • This hits the spot. I hope the Tolkien estate wins the legal battle against WB and Kabam along with it.

    • Glad I am not alone in this :) I always appreciate a good game but this one really is nothing but an attempt at ripping off people.

  • Right ON! Man, I started playing this game and it was sort of “cool” cause it was new (for me). Then reality set in…..the TIME it takes to do anything is effin’ ridiculous!!! Oh, btw, to “buy” mithril to instant build a level 7 city wall, 247 mithril, that’s right, since 240 mithril is $19.99, then a city wall at level 7 is more than $20!!! Really? And if you aren’t going to instant build it, be prepared for a long, long wait. Oh, and while you’re waiting to SAVE up resources, you’re being attacked by other players…stealing your gold….wearing down your defensive troops….this game is for a someone that places no VALUE on either their TIME or WALLET!!!! I was looking for something to piddle around and have a little fun…this game offers you a healthy dose of FRUSTRATION.

    • Hi Thomas, have you had the time to play the new browser game, ‘The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age’? I’d like to hear your take on this as well. And yes, you are absolutely right – frustration sets in with many players just starting out. They’ll be overrun by more powerful players.

      • My FAVORITE game is LotRO. I’ve been playing it for a little over 4 years now. I’ll check out the other game. I just thought it would be neat to play a LotR game on my phone when I’m bored….The Hobbit: The Kingdoms of Middle Earth just isn’t it….

        • Well, to my utter shame I’ve been playing WoW even longer – and my PC didn’t want to have LotRO on the same disk 😉 No, this game is crap, just like the browser version of it. Game of Thrones is much better in that respect …

  • Joe Williams

    I’ve been playing the hobbit by kabam for over a year now the game is addictive and only there to take your hard earned money it’s easy to spend £100’s on this game I know people who spend £1000’s + I’ve had game problems with me not getting what I’ve payed for loosing troops and resources , kabam was not interested in my complaint and was told in not so many words if you don’t like it leave the game , so save your self some cash and ear ache from your wife and don’t play this game

    • Thanks, Joe, for commenting on my review. Yup, I had the same feeling – getting the bling bling in = fine, customer service = like, na, thanks.

      And my wife’s nagging me with WoW so I’m okay 😉